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“F*ck standards. This time, it’s about spirit.”- L.A.


B(LA)K LA Brooklyn-bred emcee Latasha Alcindor has been climbing the ranks of notable indie spitter for years, but juggling bad-ass bars with regular life is difficult, and she is tired. The unyielding source of her exhaustion comes as a blessing to her loyal fans; a 16 track surprise album entitled B(LA)K, premiering exclusively on The TakeOvah.

The album is four years in the making, and after re-recording it seven times, L.A. is ready to shed the layers and share with the world what she has considered her baby, all this time.

“I just never thought it was good enough for the story that I’m telling. All the music that I’ve heard is so highly produced and so clean cut and perfect. I’m so influenced by people like Kendrick Lamar. People like J. Cole who are gonna give you a full project ya know? BLAK to me is incomplete, and maybe that’s on purpose. Maybe there’s a reason why it has to be incomplete, and so …I think I’ve been holding it like a baby for this long…but I think I just gotta let it be what it is.”

LA’s signature storytelling is ever present throughout the album as B(LA)K undresses the history of LA’s Brooklyn upbringing; filled with the stories of love, anguish, and survival. The honesty throughout the project is what solidifies its perfection. Complete, despite the rapper’s concerns.

Still on the heels of her recent video Revoke Thee, nothing else has changed for LA, and she is otherwise on her regular scheduled program. Her project Teen Nite at Empire is still slated for a February release. B(LA)K, however, needed to be shared for her to move forward.

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TheTakeOvah: What’s the one thing you want people to understand, and take from this album?
L.A: I don’t know…I just hope they take it. 

If you’re new to LA, consider this a formal introduction. Stream Latasha Alcindor’s new album B(LA)K, below.


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