Five Must Have Collabs From Rising Artists


Can we make collabs a thing again?

We have hit June and that marks the arrival of summer, the midpoint of the year and overall an amazing time for music when you bring forth the combination of new releases, festivals, and tours. Speaking of combinations, we have already received amazing collabs in singles, and with plenty of rising artists making a name for themselves, the opportunities for more are endless.

The recent collab on Amine and Kehlani’s song “Heebiejeebies” shows there is work among new favorites to be done and as fans of rising artists, our ears have perked to those who are creating a buzz for themselves and also sparked the idea of what would happen if some of our favorite rising and new artists happened to meet on wax.

Join us as we examine five combinations that would be music to our ears and hopefully will one day come to musical fruition.

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