Akinyemi Creates His Own Version Of “Eurydice” In New Single


From cyphers with HuffPo Black Voices to remixing classic Greek myths, Queens rapper, Akinyemi [ah-kin-yeh-me] comes to his listeners with one of many new singles.

Gearing up for his Summers EP, the young emcee is definitely experimenting with an eclectic array of sounds, one of them being “Eurydice.”

In the original myth of Eurydice, she was an oak nymph and one of the daughters of Apollo. At her wedding, the young nymph died instantly after she stepped on a viper. Orpheus traveled to the Underworld and struck a deal with Hades for him to retrieve Eurydice under the condition that he walked in front of her and if he turned back she would be struck in the Underworld forever. Doubting that his love was behind him, he turned around right before Eurydice crossed back into the land of the living, trapped in The Underworld for all of time.

Akinyemi takes on the Greek myth story with a twist of his own, a fine balance of myth and imagination. The single begins with a haunting overlap of macabre voices which complement the rapper and later followed by sobering metaphors. A topic untouched by rappers, emerging or otherwise, this single is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air from the cliché tropes of chasing stacks and women that most rappers default to. What we are witnessing is a rapper that is meditative and isn’t afraid to push boundaries on his terms. Be sure to look at Akinyemi and his forthcoming projects.

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