WORLD PREMIERE: Dre Dollasz – Mountian (Ra the Second) EP


An almost entirely self-made body of work, Mogul Club‘s Dre Dollasz drops “Mountian (Ra the Second)” for the many of us that stress daily and need something to relax on. Following up with last year’s “Green Hues“, Dollasz give us a massive uptake into a method of classy sounds mixed with strong basses, hitting that perfect combination for any enjoyer of music. The production is anything but average and the positive messages ring true throughout the entire project, with listed, minimal features including Tyriz Harvey.

Mixing a wide range of highs and lows, along with reminiscent 80s and 90s sounds yields tracks like “Boiler (Smoke Break)“, which I suggest you in fact, light one to (if you’re into that sort of thing) to “Cost of Life” and “Sly” as diverse, but thematic points of interest. Recently moving out of Brooklyn, Dre pulls from his new experiences and stresses to deliver a self-therapeutic message to those under similar woes. A solid solid body of work, Dollasz lets us know Hip Hop goes green too.

He made the project live yesterday to commemorate his Mother’s Birthday so wish Mama Dollasz a Happy Belated!

To pull a direct quote: “This is for everyone tryna get up when gravity and life’s tribulations is trying to kick them down. I live where everything is different from what I know. I gained more anxiety being out here. But I know what can change it all, and I put my all into it. [Mountain (Ra the Second)] is named that because I live on one, I been showing y’all how it looks and feels on ” Green Hues”. Now I’m giving you the feeling of me being older, and wanting to escape and make a mark in my dreams, life, soul , and the world.”

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How you gon forget about Dre?

Stream it below, and catch him HERE

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