Up-and-coming Alternative R&B artist, Jordan King delivers her brand new single “SCARED“. Produced by Donnie B., this eerie setting is morphed into an intimate moment by King as she asks you only one thing: not to be scared, especially if you’re ready to indulge into the temptations she just got finished explaining. Ever met someone who was scary and sexy? I’m sure we have at least one person in mind now. Well picture them in a song form and that’s how this track feels. This is perfect for those couples who team up every year to be Jay and Bey, or Ye and Kim, or PB&J (I’ve seen it) to play while they do the adult trick or treating (sex, duh) or just to play while you imagine how great that would be.

We got her to share a few words about the premiere

” ‘SCARED’ is the type of song you play when your Netflix & Chill plans ain’t working lol. But in all seriousness, with this being my first real single, it means a lot to me to be able to show how far I’ve come as an artist, and to set the tone for future releases. I’m really breaking out of my shell with this one, and I’m excited for people to get a taste of what to expect from me going forth. I’m really excited for the video to drop in a couple weeks too. That’s definitely gonna be crazy”

She’s shared the stage with artist like Jon Bellion, Jordan Bratton, Gabi Wilson, Adrian Daniel, even The Black Rose Orchestra. She’s performing with her band The Hustlers, and you can check her site here for more.

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Oh yea, Happy Halloween!

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