Vibes & Stuff: Curren$y – Canal Street Confidential Listening Session


As I strolled pasted the legendary “Hit Factory” en route to hear “Canal Street Confidential” for the first time, I realized tonight could be history in the making. Being a fan of $pitta, I’ve seen his progression over the years from parting ways with one of best rappers of our time Lil Wayne, to connecting with Wiz on How Fly while building a brotherhood, and enduring the musically journey of himself, everything worked out for the best.

I entered the Gibson studio room after a long day a work, unwinding was my primary goal. Of course the wisest way to go about it was vibing to some new Curren$y, inhaling potent second-hand smoke and guzzling Seagram’s gin. Once 7:45 hit, so did $pitta, with a spliff in hand and one tucked behind his ear. About 20 minutes later all the trap music and high hits came to a halt as Curren$y welcomed the audience while telling DJ Whoo Kid just play the album straight through no interruptions.


Heavy knocking bass, Spitta’s usual mumbling, car talk and Future kicked off this album when “Drive By” started bumping through the stereos. Everybody in the room was nodding in sync and taking in the music on their own accord. When “Everywhere” came on the hook went a little something like “Everywhere the money go, them bitches gon’ follow/She only lovin’ on the dollars.” One dude yelled out “talk your shit Spitta.” That was the confirmation we needed to know Curren$y was 2/2 thus far on “Canal Street Confidential.”

One thing I realized was this album had a lot more features than usual, of course that comes from the higher-ups (Label – Atlantic Records) wanting hits left and right. With that being said “How High” featured Lloyd (who I haven’t heard from in a while), followed by “Speed,” which ended with a story told by Spitta of him and Wiz being broke trying to buy Chinese food and spending most of their money on weed. Which was followed by “Winning” one of my favorite joints off the album.

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As the album rolled on people began to network and just let the Seagram’s gin hit’em. Which amounted to hearing more production than lyrics towards the second half of the album. Overall I dig this album. Curren$y and Pusha T are the only two people I know that can get away with literally talking about the same subject matter time and time again, but making it sound dope each time as well as picking great production to support them! The producers on this album include Purp (who did a bulk of the tracks), Super Miles, DJ Spinz, Dun Deal & Geoffro, Like & Acebranding, Cool & Dre, Cookin’ Soul, Cash Fargo and KLC. I’m shocked Cardo didn’t make an appearance on this album, Him and Spitta always cook up bangers man.

Stand Out Tracks: Drive By, Winning, Superstar & The Game. Peep the funk on Spotify, purchase it off iTunes or get your ass up and go to Best Buy or Target and support the homie $pitta!