Phay shares the story of the American Dream with “US”


Phay’s lyricism promises to take him to the top.

In a beautiful ode to his father, Phay uses “US” to share the story of the man who escaped a war stricken and impoverished country to live the often promised American Dream. While he could’ve easily been plagued by naysayers while on the quest for better, he worked hard and made frequent sacrifices. Those sacrifices that only a parent could truly understand, seemingly serve as the muse to Phay’s music, whose catalogue is filled with positive messages.


“US” speaks to a slew of 1st generation Americans that witnessed the struggles ad triumphs of their parents first hand. Bringing the topic to the main stage is admirable and to pair it with such seamless execution is even more reason to keep this on repeat. Produced by Robo the Hero & Joshua Porter, “US” boasts vocals by Ré Lxuise and a hair raising performance by a choir. Add Phay’s “I’m gonna make it” appeal, and you have by a hit.

“Y’all need to chill the hell out like at least 2 Xanies, ‘cuz his son gon take home like at least 3 Grammy’s”

We’ll be there to watch him get those.


“US” is just a snippet of what we expect to hear from Phay’s upcoming release “MAMA”, dropping on October 15th. Until then, press play below and support by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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