Health and Fitness deserve a front page in Hip Hop discussions- but sadly unless you’re a Mankofit or another personal trainer with Instagram popularity; it’s pretty quiet for health in mainstream media until now.

In comes personal trainer and founder of QuantumLeapFitness, Irv aka Zeus (you’ll see why) who has developed Lift The Fork, a platform to make conversations about health just as important as Hip Hop. Enlisting our very own Robin J. as his partner in crime, the duo has been taking over the streets of New York every week with some of your favorite musicians & personalities (Kris Kasanova and Genius’s Rob Markman have both been on the show) chopping it up over wheatgrass shots and Vegan bites. This week, they trekked up to The Bronx and enlisted the help of Tray Pizzy.

“They want all the credit but no responsibility”- Tray Pizzy on radio & media in Hip Hop

With the notoriety of his recent project 50 First Dates, Tray Pizzy seemingly has The Bronx on his back as one of the leaders of the new school. On this episode of Lift The Fork, he talks about his military past, suprising health choices and the one label he’d sign to. Press play below and enjoy the many gems dropped in the home of Hip Hop.