Interview: TK-N-Cash talks performing at SXSW, working with Young Thug and taking over Madison Square Garden


TK N Cash


TK n Cash know how to make an anthem.

Their breakout hit ‘Mind Right’ which promotes leaving the “hoes” alone to focus on the cash sits at over 13 million combined YouTube plays while their sexually charged follow up  ‘3 Times in a Row’ continues to climb the Billboard charts.

Coming from humble beginnings (the duo discussed being homeless during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club), the Augusta Georgia natives are far from new to music. Boasting writing credits for the likes of Meek Mill, Kevin Gates and Trey Songz ; it’s that same humility that lies in remembering where they started that keeps the candle burning and the music going for the two.

“We don’t really think about it. We laugh all day. We play around all day because we’re having fun and enjoying the moments that are right now.” – TK

And the laughs were certainly present during this interview. The pranksters who once lit firecrackers in their van while on tour, (they’ve moved on up to Mercedes Sprinters). Pulled a slight prank on me, when with straight faces they said their manager Sean, wrote their new single.

“Nah I’m just kidding *laughs* don’t run with that. People are about to be like ‘I knew they didn’t write their stuff!’. I need ALL my credit.”

As the duo continues their ascend to superstardom, TK n Cash visited Austin Texas to perform on ten coveted stages at South by SouthWest (SXSW). With their new single ‘Money on Money’, featuring Young Thug in tow, the duo took some time out of their hectic performance schedule to chat with The TakeOvah.


The last time we talked you guys were getting ready for the No Handouts Tour? How was that? You guys were pretty nervous getting ready for Webster Hall.

CASH: No Handouts Tour…was amazing. It was dope- we had the mixtape and Mind Right out at the time and it brought a lot of new fans to the TK n Cash brand

How was it going from just being featured on the Scream Tour to headlining your own?

TK: It’s just a blessing

CASH: Everything’s a blessing. Just shows that we’re working”TK N CASH SXSW

What’s the toughest part of SXSW?

CASH: Walking. And parking sucks. And the sun. But the stage gives me a different type of energy.”

How have the girls been?

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TK:They’re going crazy. Real Real Crazy.


How do you handle that?

CASH: Last year we were out here and nobody was saying anything. But this year they’re like OH THAT’S TK N CASH! OH! We love Three times in a row. So we’re just humble we take every picture, shake every hand we give every hug. It’s just a blessing.

Speaking of ‘3 Times In a Row’. You went from ‘Mind Right’ which was a hit. To ‘Three Times in a Row’- another hit, and now you’re working with Young Thug. What’s one thing we don’t know about him?
CASH: Bro is really a genius and people try to knock [him]..but he’s really a genius

TK:Thug is DEFINITELY a genius. He knows what he’s doing with EVERYTHING so shout out to him. S/O to that ‘Money on Money’ too. That’s going crazy.

How’d that collaboration happen?

CASH: Man we were downtown Atlanta one day and our manager was like pull up to the studio- we were at Patchwerk. Pulled up to the studio, Thug was in there – pulled up the song he xsaid he liked it. Open verse. Jumped in the booth- did it. Put it out like 3 weeks later and it started going crazy.

TK: So hopefully that’ll be the next one so you’ll be saying ‘3 Times in a Row’, ‘Mind right’ ‘Money on Money’ then we’ll have some more.

TK you’re a writer- you have a lot of credits under your belt. Are you still writing for other people?

TK: Right now while we have our platform, I’m focused on TK n Cash. Maybe in a little bit.

Cash I remember that you went to college for business- do you still want to open a clothing store?

Cash: Of course but I’m focused on this right now. This can easily branch off into that.”

Tunnel Vision.

TK n Cash: Tunnel Vision.

If you could dictate where TK n Cash will be this time next year- what’s it gonna be? We’re at The Garden next year?

The two looked at each other as if I sparked a new thought.

“Yea we’re at The Garden next year. It’s nothing. The Garden, BET Awards, suited up, awarded out. Man LOOK”.

Keep in Touch with TK N Cash here, and check out their new single ‘Money on Money’ featuring Young Thug below.

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