The TakeOvah presents Raekwon at SOBs featuring Dave East and more…


On the seventeenth day of Christmas my true love (Hip Hop) sent to me: Raekwon, Dave East, Kris Kasanova, Wordsiff and Lafayette Stokely catching wreck at SOB’s.

As folks from all over the tri-state and beyond piled into a dim-lit, Christmas decorated room, there was no choice, but to acknowledge the amount of history that had graced Sounds of Brazil previously. The list stems from Kayne (College Dropout days) to the likes of J. Cole being there about a week ago. A crowd of around 400 people stood waiting for performers to touch the stage. DJ Tumbo was giving the reigns of holding down the vibes for the night, as our hosts Jameer Pond of WBLS and TheTakeOvah’s own Robin J held it down until our first performer Lafayette Stokely stepped out on to this legendary stage.


1. First up…

Friend to the TakeOvah, Lafayette Stokely start off the nights festivities. An honorary Brooklynite that hails from Orlando Florida, Stokely  made sure from the get, people would remember who he was. Kicking off his set with some new sounds including  “Shake The World” and “Who Am I”, he took time out to let folks know, a year ago he said he’d touch the stage at SOB’s and damn near a year later  he made it a reality. Followed by one more tune where he actually sung a little bit, you could hear the passion and pain in the message he was trying to get across. Leaving his stamp on stage, he set up  Wordsmiff to do his thing.

2. Next..

If you’re familiar with Harlem, you know people from uptown usually believe Harlem is it’s own borough. The self proclaimed “borough” is known for it’s fashion, dancing and music of course, which leads us to the next emcee to touch the mic, Wordsmiff who shows a lot of love to uptown but is certainly Brooklyn bred. As Wordsmiff took to the stage, you could tell people knew his music already, not to mention the big gold rope chain he was sporting reminded me of Big Daddy Kane from back in the day. You could feel the energy really pick up when Wordsmiff ending up sharing the stage with an emcee we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on in the new year, Qu’ality Official.


They set it off with a joint ” entitled “Live From The City Remix” featuring Req Carter, followed by “Check The Method” with Yung Nate. It doesn’t matter how hard you go on stage, New York crowds have the tendency to love your music, but won’t show signs that they do. However I’ll say that SOB’s was jumping as Wordsmiff and the gang were performing, not to mention he blessed us with a freestyle to end his set.

3. We took it to Red Hook..

Next up to bat was Red Hook’s own Kris Kasanova. He isn’t a new comer to the SOBs stage, after doing the BET Music Matters tour, as well as different showcases; he has experienced rocking in the legendary venue. With the recent release of Kris Kasanova’s newest offering “The Great Escape”, people nodded in respect as he stepped on stage and grabbed the mic to perform his newest joints.  In true Brooklyn Fashion, he sported a camo fit while hitting us with “Old Jigga” and a few other joints to jam out to, while mobbing out with his homies from Red Hook, ending his set with a sixteen as a real MC should.

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4. And then THIS happened

As we travel back up to Harlem, the East Side to be exact! We got a chance to see Nas’s latest signee, Dave East hit the stage. After the recent release of his highly anticipated project “Hate Me Now,” East has been on the run touring sporadically from state to state. He began his set with the intro off his last project “Black Rose” with the song “The Offering.” He then proceeded to blessed us with “Momma Working,” which he recently released a video for and another fan favorite “KD.” He closed his performance with some acapella bars showing exactly why he next up out of New York!

5. Getting to the legend…

Now we welcomed the man of the hour to the stage, The Chef himself Raekwon. In true nostalgic fashion, the room was illumed in purple lights, as the crowd ranging from ages 18 – 45 waiting in awe for one of the founding members of the mighty Wu Tang to appear. As cameras and phones rose over heads, we saw Raekwon make his enterance while wasting no time to jump right into the classics. Banger after banger from “Criminology, Triumph, Can It All Be Simple” and even spitting a few feature verses he did like Mobb Deep’s “Right Back At You.” I wish he blessed us with his verse off Schoolboy Q’s “Blind Threats,” maybe next time.

Raekwon put on a hell of a show! He paid homage to his Wu Tung Breaden ODB in the process by rapping the words for “Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” Of course he hit us with some oldies in between by Glady Knight, which were samples for some of the songs DJ Scram Jones had lined up to play next out of Rae’s discography. Raekwon showed a lot of new cats how to get busy, while ending his set with his classic verse from “C.R.E.A.M.” What more could you honestly ask for out of a Take Ovah event!

Look out for more funk of all flavors from the Take Ovah in 2016, this is just the beginning!! Peep the show recap by our resident shooter Ghaze below.

TheTakeOvah presents : Raekwon from Ghazer Filmz on Vimeo.