Filmmaker Simone Varano presents “The Struggle is Real” Documentary

A real film about real people, Simone Varano gives us a glimpse


Last Sunday, DUMBO was full of creativity as Simone Varano (owner of, the site responsible for the super popular “Happy” response video) had a screening of her documentary “The Struggle is Real” featuring 4 different creatives. Taking an inside look into the lives of a up-and-coming rapper, DJ, director, and stylist in the form of Radamiz (who recently dropped a new video), DJ Boston Chery, Haley, & Ya Ya, this was originally a thesis school project believe it or not, but the recognition was so monumental that it got covered by a few sites! That’s talent you CAN’T contain!

The event itself was awesome! DJ BChery spun for the night as the anticipation built up. The film was projected on a huge wall for the entire room to see, and even then some people had trouble due to the sheer amount of people in attendance. People had to sit on the floor (I know because I kneed someone in the head…sorry) because so many people turned out. An inspiring story to most who live in the city, and have goals and aspirations outside of the normal “Go to school, get a job” tunnel visioned way of thinking. Dealing with money, setbacks, withdraws, the strong undercurrent of the culture that can suck you in, parents, school, and everything else elderly people tried to warn you about, hits home in this film through these five distinct characters. I say five because I’m including the person behind the camera who’s capturing this experience firsthand, living every moment in between takes, and presenting it through her vision, Ms. Varano herself. Translating the struggle is easy if you know the lingo, and this was just a taste!

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Check out the trailer for here:

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We got a statement from her regarding the event:

I never anticipated for “The Struggle is Real” to become anything more than my senior thesis. Seeing the documentary go from a school assignment to a full on production has been one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in my career as a filmmaker. I’m really thankful for each and every person who helped out with the documentary, as well as the people who believed in the project enough to actually show up to the screening. The documentary will be released in a four part series via the Hour by Hour website sometime in 2015.

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