Sound Opinons: Chelsea Reject – CMPLX


Chelsea Reject has been on the rise for a while since dropping RADI-8 two years ago, now with her sophomore project CMPLX out as of Monday, excitement is high and the pressure is on for the 21- year old St. Lucian lyricist.

Bubbling up as a strong solo artist, she began dropping tracks and collaborating around the city. Going to college, she already knew what she really wanted to do so her stay was short. Immediately the talent was noticed as she began killing verse after verse, but her freestyle videos got her tons of notice and catapulted her into the underground hop hop movement Beast Coast, as a well respected mention among rap heads. After some dope visuals, a few more serious features, and some notable press, she was picked up by Duck Down Music.

From deep bass and live instruments to synth and whirly pads, Ms. Reject bodies them all. We shared one of the singles, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you assume a project off just one song. A solid listen from beginning to end, with some well executed contributions from Pro Era members CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, Dyemond Lewis, and Nyck Caution, along with some powerful collaborations with T’Nah Apex, Jean Deaux and Atownomas.

A quote from her soundcloud on the project: “all about self-discovery and experimentation. Music and life are interchangeable to me, so I had to experience life in order to really start discovering myself musically. This project will give you insight into the “the reject” and into my existence as a whole. #CMPLX is for the dreamers and those searching for forever like me.”

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“Finding yourself” is the strong theme as you move through this complex project (see what I did there?), which you can listen to below, support and grab the EP on iTunes HERE