Sound Opinions: Vic Mensa – Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story)


I make a habit of reading comments under songs I post, not to formulae my own opinion, but because you can tell when someone is late to getting into an artist. Codeine Crazy (Icarus story) is Vic Mensa‘s newest drop, and if this is too weird for you then you really haven’t been listening. With all the recent news about the not-so-new issue prominent drug use, or rather the promotion of it in rap music, this seems like it fits perfectly as Vic speaks on dealing with stardom and maintaining a sense of self. It also helps that it’s a spin on Future‘s Codeine Crazy, so if you were wondering, I’ve ruined it for you for the sake of art.

The alternative rock feel to the song might catch some people off guard, but Vic has been bending genres for years. If you missed the Skrillex collab¬†‘No Chill‘¬†that dropped this week, then I can understand your ignorance. He tweeted “This s*** is about nothing but music and emotion” so keep that in mind while you take this music high.

BTW he has a show today in NYC, yes I RSVP’d (duh)

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