Sound Opinions: Radamiz – Writeous [Stream]


Brooklyn isn’t slowing up this year, a lot of talent has populated over the last few years, and Radamiz delivers one of the most anticipated bodies of work among the new faces on the map. A story about not feeling important, but knowing it’s not true, struggling with keeping up your passion when real life is throwing you crap, keeping a small circle and respecting the others in your craft with a friendly rivalry, while living in a culture-rich city filled with haters, coming up in the same trash and becoming gold, Ladies and gentlemen, “Writeous“.

Radamiz - Writeous - Tracklist
Radamiz – Writeous – Tracklist

After two years of videos, shows, and loosies, the Mogul Club member and all-around beast in the booth sets a strong mood for the upcoming summer with a slew of hard-hitting tracks, easily setting a lyrical bar others can’t keep falling under. Features from fellow mic killers King Critical, Madwiz, History, Chris Wattz, as well as I.O.D., Kidaf (of Loaf Muzik), Oswin Benjamin, Latasha Alcindor, Kyle Russoul, and Oxytocin, and Adrian Daniel.

1 Crown” which features half the aforementioned artists, gets me charged up, I can’t help but think of Joey’s “1 Train” in terms of format but it’s like this “movie” was based on that “book”. “Ali’s My Big Brother” had me hype from the drop and other favs are “Power“, “God Talks to Me a Lot“, “Maintaining” but all of them cut through you like a ninja’s blade, experimenting and taking chances in both production and focus. Check out the leading video “Sumner“.

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Honesty in your raps are something that have been tossed and turned as the years have gone by, the new wave of New York rap isn’t about to let the city fall behind it’s legacy. With production credits to Mogul Club’s Dre Dollasz, H. Illa, as well as a few from B L A N K, and the rest by The Goonie Tunes, Electrical Requiem, Rudy Carino, Rudy Mills, and Double A. A Fine body of work to say the least, I dare say this is a milestone in the timeline of the reestablishment of the New York rap scene.

“The hate me cuz I’m honest as it gets”

Stream the project below, and support good music by copping it everywhere you can think of.