Sound Opinions: Jimi Tents – 5 O’Clock Shadow EP


I’m doing a lot of catching up after my hiatus, and you should catch up some of this dope music you’ve been ignoring for Love and Hip Hop. Jimi Tents, Sleeper Camp frontman dropped his EP ‘5 O’Clock Shadow‘, and it’s everything you’d want to listen to on your way home.

Since ‘Elmer Fudd‘ dropped and snatched our ears away from us, we haven’t gotten them back and those affected show no signs of pain. I make a doctor reference because of the surgeon-like aim Jimi has in his delivery, which switches blades and stays sharp throughout this methodic project. I felt a bit nostalgia, like I was a kid listening to hip hop on the bus to school, the fabled ‘Golden Era’, but at the same time I know this is that new new you’re going to hate yourself for catching on to too late. Both of those combined can’t be a bad feeling no matter which way you look at it.

Released on Vate Media, Jimi is stepping out with a great body of work, not counting the loosies that didn’t make the cut. Wether flexing with fellow camper Jay Bel on “Should’ve Called” or smoothing his vocals out on the relaxed, passionate message on “Jazzy” and “Thank You” this project is short and begs for an instant addition to any playlist. Take a listen below.

It’s also up on iTunes

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