Sound Opinions: Dre Dollasz – Positive Vibes

Stay positive


Dre Dollasz is back with “Positive Vibes” off his upcoming “Green Hues 2“. Ever so often, i’ll mention honesty and putting a great narrative into song form, are great qualities to have. What I don’t always say is that they’re great to have because you can experiment with them.

Gentrification is a very real thing taking place in NYC. Over the last few years, it has only become more apparent as you see people canvasing entire neighborhoods to see who will sell, rent prices and wages drifting farther and farther apart, and videos about people who have never explored the city making videos about bodega sandwiches. Some people have been forced to move before things get too bad, and Dollasz had to relocate, separated from the rest of his peers in Mogul Club. Another source of inspiration comes from a car accident he was in earlier this year. An experience like that is sure to make anyone reflect and seek to gather confidence in one’s survival, and you get that wrapped around a sparkly, subby, war cry. Things happen, but staying positive will incite a change for the better.

This is the first track we’ve got since his “Ra The Second” EP last year, listen below



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