Sound Opinions: Christelle St – The Art of Letting Go


I don’t always bang with R&B but this song hits a lot of emotions, Christelle St gives us this smooth story rightfully titled “The Art of Letting Go“. The first promo single from her upcoming mixtape “Infuse“, which hasn’t gotten a confirmed release date. Taking you back to when R&B wan’t all “trapped” out and “poped” up, the young songstress give us an honest trip through her story of moving on, for real, not the moving on where you’re back together by the next Instagram post. She’s currently performing on the Dean’s List Tour, a growing college tour for up-and-coming artists. Can’t wait to see what’s next up! Tell us what you think!

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Chris aka Profound aka Chris Beykhun is an editor and long time member of the team. His long history with The TakeOvah stems back to the early college radio days and have seen him tackle many new endeavors such as Brooklyn Canvas (photography), Bacon Life (BLC lifestyle brand), and artist management. A student of sound, a realist with a whimsical love for anime, a writer and aesthetic chaser, his thirst for knowledge and "look at it this way" mentality is one he puts into everything he does, and big things are on the horizon