Sound Opinions: Asha – Masterbait EP


ASHA is a gem from jersey and by the end of her debut project “Masterbait“, you’ll see why I had to roll up like Jason to tell her she was dope. I happened to see this young women kill Pianos a little while ago, and I didn’t bitch up and not speak to her afterward like I am with most of the artists that blow me away (It has nothing to do with my weakness for female rappers…). Going into shows knowing next to nothing about the artists are fun to me, you usually find some cool acts that you stick around more since you got to experience the live show already, and ASHA got a good number that night.

As well as being the voice, a good number of tracks were also produced by ASHA, and the freshman feel adds to the rawness that is delivered throughout the project. Songs like “Addickted“, “Rebound“, & “Worst Day Ever” have great appeal and are just my picks as an example of the songs that snatched me from the start, and in NO way am I saying those are the only good songs. A start-to-finish playthrough is essential, and you’d be cheating yourself for jumping around. Her delivery is astonishing and every track just takes you deeper into the seemingly bottomless pool of skills this tall, talented, lyricist possesses.

Shout out to O’bonjour for the production as well

Peep the project below and catch her on twitter @IsThatASHA

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