Sound Opinions: Adrian Daniel – Devoted


After presenting a piece of his soul with “PRIDE“, Adrian Daniel unloads his enchanting new single “Devoted” off his upcoming album Disillusions. Feeling like you could have had a great relationship with someone in the past and they didn’t appreciate it sucks, but not as much if you know you’re better than going through some bs just to stick it out with someone. People who love hard also eventually learn to break away from toxic entities for their own safety, which sets up one of two vantage points for the song.

You ever have someone who sabotaged the relationship and couldn’t see how much you were willing to stay? Someone from your past that is kicking themselves for passing up a chance with you when you were into them? That regretful feeling dances over the daunting feel of the production as Daniel laments over an expired love, is the second vantage point. Produced by Simen Solvang, “Devoted” much like ‘PRIDE”, feels like an expanded version of a personal letter, from many of our lives.

Get the song on iTunes, and catch a live performance from Daniel on Feb. 20th in NYC at Mercury Lounge.

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