Soul Clap: Kenyon Dixon checks in to 2016 with “Supafly”


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R&B has a star player with Kenyon Dixon on its team.

Kenyon gripped both reins on his new EP Supafly and steered his 2016 in the right direction. Writing, production and arrangement creds on Supafly all go to the man whose consistently incredible vocals showed out on the project’s seven tracks.

The sought-after songwriter flexed a new attitude and those flawless harmonies of his straight out the gate on the Intro and rode them out.  Backing up his introduction, the EP’s confident title track set the pace for everything that followed next.  Undoubtedly my favorite song, Kenyon took claim over creating the image of a particular woman on “Round of Applause” and he made sure she remembered who to credit.

His use of vocal arrangements as a part of the backbone of the production on Supafly‘s fourth song “Roleplay” pulled the sexy tone of the record together.  Digging further into his creativity, his range on songs like “Roleplay” and “Gravity” proved that he’s not simply a singer. The man is a vocalist and a hell of one at that.

Supafly is R&B with a little bit of edge and doesn’t neglect the use of the voice as an instrument. Kenyon Dixon deserves a “Round of Applause” for its end result.

Open your ears and get into a taste of Supafly below, but don’t forget to support what’s good and get your copy.

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