Soul Clap: K. Michelle – “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” Album


K. Michelle let a different side of her get its feelings out on her new highly anticipated album “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?”

If you’ve kept up with the first season of her new reality show, “K. Michelle: My Life,” then you know that the songstress has been working on her calm and that this isn’t the same “Still No Fucks Given” K that we heard earlier this year on the mixtape.  She’s in a different space and she took the direction of this album with her crossing over into a little bit of rock and country on this project.

Using new heartbreak after she and Idris Elba parted ways, K. Michelle poured her vocals and vulnerable moments into tracks like her country-influenced “God I Get It” and her single “Maybe I Should Call” laying her emotions onto the songs.

Now, we should all be used to the shock factor that the reality star comes with by now, so when you hear her piano-lead ballad “Drake Would Love Me” you shouldn’t be caught too off guard.  Okay, maybe you still will.  Truth be told we also know how Drake makes a lot of the ladies feel so she was dead on with that one!

This side of K. Michelle produced an amazing body of work with “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” and it’s well worth them coins so go get that!

Peep her new video for her album’s “Something About The Night”:

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