Soul Clap: Jasmine V – “That’s Me Right There” EP


Over the summer singer Jasmine V decided to heat things up in preparation for her That’s Me Right There EP with her single bearing the same title featuring the man everyone wants to hear, Kendrick Lamar.

Now, her That’s Me Right There EP is here for all ears and I’m definitely feeling its vibe.  It’s her first project since signing to Interscope Records last year and it sounds like she’s earning her keep nicely. In five songs Jasmine V sings us through love.

Jasmine V gets real R&B on “Me Without You” and sings an apology to her love before she briefly switches up the vibe with her EDM infused “Walk Away”.

On “I Love Your Crazy” the songstress notices a personality change in her man and still loves his madness, but things get rocky at the end of the EP.   That’s Me Right There closes out with “Who That” as she catches her man sending messages to another woman while he’s laying next to her.  Sounds like someone didn’t get the message her and Kendrick relayed …

That’s Me Right There is available for purchase today.

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