Saturday School Playlist | Takeovah x Figgy’s Choice

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Welcome, I’d like to welcome you to the first installment of our weekend playlists series. Every Saturday we will be sharing a playlist put together by us, as well as our wonderful friends.

This weekend we have the Figgy’s Choice Playlist, curated by Shomari “Figgy” Chioke, a recent grad of IAR and behind the scenes, all over kinda guy. Keeping his ear to the streets, he loves underground music and has a plethora of opinions on hip hop history, music theory, and anything else you think would come up on a hip hop Ted Talk.

Figgy's Choice Playlist
Figgy’s Choice Playlist

He releases these every other Wednesday and you get the first one right here, and the next one later this month. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Music is universal truth, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, or where you come from I can’t help but believe that you feel what I feel. Music shouldn’t always be controlled be politics, money, and power. I’m trying to shed light on artists that have spoken to me on an unexplanible level, “That you just gotta hear it” shit. Figgy’s Choice playlist is a bi weekly, carefully curated platform for indie/underground artists, to catch the ear of listeners looking for something outside of the program.

This time we have Dot Demo, Radamiz, King Critical, Connie Diiamond, Oswin Benjamin, Cash Sanatra, Jimi Tents, and Jay Bel Welcome to Saturday School