Saturday School Playlist 6/18

Roll over and vibe out this weekend


Happy Saturday, and welcome to our second installment of our weekend playlist series, Saturday School!

This time around, we have a playlist curated by us (but mostly Pro), with some new comers, up-and-comers, big fresh faces…basically just a bunch of s*** we’re feeling right now. Like we’ve said before we will feature either playlists from us our our wonderful, creative friends! To commemorate this, we’ve done this on our BRAND new soundcloud, so show support for that and follow!

We have a wide range of likes, ranging from people you love to people you’ve never heard of, so we try to map it out on a very loose, gradual, mood spectrum. Sometimes some tracks just go so hard they’ll snap you out of your trance no matter where we’re at in the playlist. We call those our pop quizzes to make sure you’re still tuned in, but we want you to vibe out and spend your weekend with us. We have a lot more R&B than last week, just to keep you on your toes (and because we all need some feel good songs on the weekend right?).

We have Piif, Nesta, Dave East, Kris Kasanova, NAO, Leaf, Adrian Daniel, Beya Likhari, Dre Dollasz, I$o Indies, and Lafayette Stokley for your class work. Don’t forget your syllabus.

Welcome to Saturday School