Saturday School Playlist- Lindsey’s List


School is back in session! For this week’s installment of the¬†Saturday School Playlist, your substitute teacher is friend and frequent contributor to The TakeOvah, Lindsey India.

Lindsey is a brilliant music journalist known for her killer contributions to Global Grind, Karen Civil and her newest effort With profound interviews in her catalogue from Common to Fetty Wap, Lindsey is who you call when you want the real scoop- not the fluff. She even broke the news that Rick Ross wants to executive produce a Nas Album(yes, this happened). Needless to say, when it comes to music she knows a thing or two.

So of course we had to call on our girl to put us on. For her edition of Saturday School, Lindsey shares a few TakeOvah favorites and familiar names like Block and Jimi Tents, but she also put us on to a few new gems including Erin Blue & Clarity Vision. This playlist is a groove!

Grab your homies and press play on Lindsey’s List below.