Saturday School 7/2 | Memorial Upcoming

Chill with us while we all get ready to turn up july 4th!


Welcome to Saturday School..this class we are letting y’all enjoy your 3-day weekend and keep the vibes high. With some suggestions from the team, our friend Shomari and a few outside folks, we pieced this together and even saved some of our new favs (for what you’ll have to find out).

Saturday School 7/2 | The Takeovah Presents: Saturday School
Saturday School 7/2 | The Takeovah Presents: Saturday School
We have some strong subjects this weekend, something for you to enjoy while we kidnap our artist friends and make them do the playlists they promised us (unmarked vans and alldat). While we aren’t 100% for the dancehall-jacking going on, good music is good music, and it if feels good, then we play it again. We have Dimes Dinero of MenvceGvng, Steve G. Lover, Topaz Jones, Qu’ality, Jay IDK, Demrick, Casey Veggies, Cousin Stizz, Mick Jenkins, theMIND (themPEOPLE), Believe, Joey Purp, LION BABE x Raury, and Kembe X.

If you enjoy these playlists, don’t be afraid to want to see someone you like on here. Tell us & consider that homework!

Happy 4th of July (don’t act like we aint finna come to y’all BBQs, send us deets!!!)