Saturday School Playlist 6/25 | Takeovah x Figgy’s Choice

Another weekend, another cram session with The Takeovah


Welcome to The Takeovah Presents: The Saturday School Playlist, or Saturday School 6/25 for short.

The Cavs won, D Rose got traded, Pablo’s “Famous” was very Yeezy through and through, friends become enemies ASAP with some rape culture sprinkled in there (smh), and I went to a Paint and Sip (pretty fun, byob).

This weekend we’re covering another installment of the Figgy’s Choice Playlist from friendly neighborhood hip hop lover Shomari Chioke. A bi-weekly series with some of the dopest underground music, and puts that passion into motion often. There’s a dope event he’s put together with artist Zina Anne set for next month, here’s the flyer so look out for that (never know who might be there).

There are some artists this week I hadn’t heard of but this is part of why we’re doing this. We have homework for Adrian Daniel, Liana Bank$, Radamiz and Oswin Benjamin, a few review drills for I.O.D., a Sedroc remix of Moxie Raia, Qu’ality and Kota the Friend. In the new assignments are Kweku Collins, ChairLift, ChynnaWati Heru, Madwiz, and Maassai.

Done with attendance? Welcome to Saturday School