New Video: “Show Me” Sammie ft Ying Yang Twins



The artist formerly known as Leigh Bush is back and he’s Sammie again.

For his newest offering “Show Me”, Sammie takes us to the dirty south where the beats are loud and the derrieres are round for 3 minutes of a perfect fusion of old and new.  The singer manages to fulfill the current music lover’s need to “turn up” while giving us a bit of nostalgia by enlisting  the help of millennial heavyweights the Ying Yang Twins for the record. The ode to the Ying Yang legacy throughout the track is awesome, with a recurring “to the window to the wall” .

While “Show Me” is a record made for the clubs, Sammie doesn’t let you forget that he can sing with the best of them and manages to serve a few toe-curling runs over the bounce of the strip club worthy beat.

Press play on Sammie’s new song “Show Me” featuring the Ying Yang twins above, add this to your workout playlist and don’t be afraid to twerk something. Just show him if you do.

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