When you think of the cities with a rising rap scene, you’re likely to think of popular spots that have crafted a sound of their own Places like Oakland, Houston, Chicago even St. Louis has carved out their own place in hip-hop that’s identifiable half way through any of their mc’s 16. You’d probably never think to look into Milwaukee- until now. Milwaukee native Rell Ca$h is proving the city is more than just beer with his new single “T4$”

Using soulful horns as the backdrop for his bars, “T4$” brings forth an unexpected, dichotomous illustration of a trapper’s lifestyle that feels good enough for you to dance to.  “The focus was to give the listener a product they could feel” says Ca$h, an entendre of sorts as the record dives into his drug-laden environment.

“Tired of livin dormant, cuz cutting heroin up wit the dormins”

“T4$” (Trappin 4 Cash) follows the Milwaukee native’s EP Slaylist, a playlist of songs recorded over notable instrumentals including Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” and Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat”. Most notably across every track is the rapper’s smooth flow- reminiscent of some of his New York influences and a welcomed surprise from someone with a Midwest upbringing.

It’s a challenge because I’m not the typical “Milwaukee” sound, but the lifestyle is all the same. But knowing that I’m not the norm reminds me that I’m in a lane of my own so all across the board I see that as something positive.”

Take a listen to Rell Ca$h’s new single “T4$” and enjoy the video below, exclusively premiered on The TakeOvah.

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