Latasha Alcindor addresses the girl code in new video “Revoke Thee”


“I don’t f*ght for niggas but I wild for respect”

Latasha LA Alcindor has returned with a new banger, in the form of a video “Revoke Thee.”

The video, (which premiered on Dinnerland TV) walks us through the familiar story of betrayal; served by the hands of a love interest and former friend. Butchering the Kuai beat with her gritty bars, LA holds no punches as she revokes the existence of the two people that just couldn’t respect the code.

With brash delivery and clever wordplay, “Revoke Thee” is more than just an exposé of loyalty and revenge. Despite the vintage feel of the KidzREvil production, LA skates over current conversations of celebrity idealism and Black love; whilst offering a reminder that in true Brooklyn fashion, she did not come to play.

“I’m Left Eye in the tub, fire to ya sh*t since you messed with my love”

Get into “Revoke Thee” by Latasha Alcindor below, and keep an eye out for her upcoming album Teen Nite at Empire.