Lafayette Stokely pens an ode to his hood on “New York Av”- New Music


“Promise if I die tonight then I’ma be that n*gga rippin cyphers in the afterlife”

Lafayette Stokely is back at it again with nothing but bars on his newest release New York Av.

Crediting his East Flatbush neighborhood for making him a better man and emcee, Stokely speaks on a struggle that’s familiar to any artist trying to make it in New York City. These mean streets will either break you, or teach you that the only way out is to hustle.

Stokely’s recent releases all feature a sound that’s new to us from him. From his recent Night Job Remix, to 44 Bars and now New York Av, there’s a distinct change in flow from the his debut album Life Goes On and his will to be the best is more apparent. Gone are the days where he strictly gave us 90s feels over carefully cadenced beats. He’s now giving us a little more street, spotlighting his versatility while maintaining the lyricism that’s come to be synonymous with his name.

“Cause niggas crooked, cops too. If you run they might shoot. Put my back against the wall and aint no tellin’ what I might do”

New York Av is an open testament to growth, homage and another call to action from other emcees. It’s clear that Stokely isn’t slowing down and at this point, I’m curious to see who’s still sleeping on him. Press play on New York Av by Lafayette Stokely below.

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