Lady Leshurr wears her crown on her “Queen’s Speech” EP


She’s ill. She’s confident. She’s wearing her crown. She’s Lady Leshurr. 

Normally, I’m taking up residence in the melodic world of R&B, but when an amazing hip-hop artist flows into my ears it would do no justice to keep them to myself, especially this particular artist whose rhymes (and accent) caught me like a flytrap a few months ago.

Rising out of the UK’s city of Birmingham, Lady Leshurr is making music that is now crossing seas. She’s been putting out projects since her 2009 “The Last Second” mixtape and took a year off around 2014. But when she got back to business she hit the ground running with a series of four freestyles she dubbed “Queen’s Speech,” which she turned into a 5-track EP delivered on New Year’s Day this year.

Lady Leshurr turns her sick bars into entertainment on Queen’s Speech, which includes production by Krunchie and Z Dot, advising everyone to brush their teeth and change their panties (ha!) before they try to come for her.
Because how could you ever go for anyones neck before doing either of those, right?
Meanwhile, the internet went mad for the freestyle
So now, I’m getting bare calls, bare emails
And get your girlfriend boo boo cause she smells (Ew)
These females
– “Queen’s Speech 2”


Her parents hail from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, but growing up on her parents’ love for reggae heavily influenced her creativity as you’ll hear her naturally drop some patois in her rhymes.  When a “nasty gyal” needs to be called out what else would you call her but that?

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Throughout 2015 Lady Leshurr slowly released visuals for each of her Queen’s Speech installments, which saw no less than 4 million views each, but the masses really caught on after she dropped “Queen Speech 4,” which racked up a crazy 19.9 million views.  Even Samsung rang her line for a deal to lock in a few “Queen Speech 4” bars for advertisement.

The fifth track on her Queen’s Speech EP, “1 Million Views,” where Lady Leshurr wakes up one day realizing the hilarious shade she’s been throwing in her freestyles is taking her places is definitely due for a remix at this point.

This month Lady Leshurr is doing it major and making her NYC debut at Gramercy Theatre on February 6.  Make sure you’re in the building because The TakeOvah will be! Get a feel for what you’ll be in for and cop Queen’s Speech on iTunes. ASAP!


“It’s a mad ting!”

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