Soul Clap: Keke Palmer goes after what she wants on “Yellow Lights”


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We’ve watched Keke Palmer grow since seeing her play Queen Latifah’s sassy little niece in Barbershop 2: Back in Business.  Now, there isn’t much growing up to watch because Keke Palmer, the woman who knows what she wants and who she is, has arrived.

The moment I realized that was when she fearlessly released her “I Don’t Belong to You” video, which featured Cassie as her surprising love interest.  She is now an artist who doesn’t allow any stifling of her creativity or her expression and her new video “Yellow Lights” is another testament to that.

Drawing inspiration from the late and ever-missed Aaliyah, who’s known to be one of her biggest influences, and her 1996 “4 Page Letter” visual Keke preserved the essence of that inspiration while adding her own personality and sexy story to it.  She’s speeding through the street’s “Yellow Lights” anticipating the night of passion she’s racing off to.

Her music career is finally falling to place and she’s currently working on an upcoming album.  What we’ve heard so far is a good indication that the album is going to be some heat.  Watch her new video and listen to the full “Yellow Lights” track right here on The TakeOvah.

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