J. Cole perfoms ‘Be Free’ on David Letterman


This past summer, in response to the occurrences in Ferguson Missouri, J. Cole released “Be Free” to voice his opinions on what it’s like to be Black in America. Recently, the rapper took to the David Letterman show to deliver a powerful performance of the song with an added verse addressing President Obama.

“No disrespect, in terms of change I haven’t seen any/Maybe he had good intentions/But was stifled by the system and was sad to lean he actually couldn’t bring any/That’s what I get for thinking/The world is fair/ They let a brother steer the ship and never told him that the ship was sinking”

You can’t help but salute J. Cole who just dropped his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive and went to the Letterman show to promote it. Using his influence for a greater purpose, he performed ‘Be Free’ (which isn’t even an album cut) instead. WOW!

Watch J. Cole’s performance of “Be Free” below and go out and cop that 2014 Forest Hills Drive, it’s definitely worth the $9.99


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