Sound Opinions: I.O.D. – “Ebola”


The young MC aka the Brownsvillan aka I.O.D. slaps us in the face with this new track and follow up video dubbed “Ebola”. Ebola has become a hot topic lately and I.O.D. tackles the subject after doing shows, appearing on a billboard or two after a run with his debut project “11212” and single “War“. Speaking directly about Ebola, but also using the spreading panic as symbolism for human faults such as dishonesty, planned ignorance, and other common issues we complain to our other friends about, I.O.D. makes this song relatable, quotable, and overall BROOKLYN! This track is even more dope with the creativity and experimentation he executes this time around in his rhymes. Prod. by Gordon, the off timbre of the pianos sits beautifully behind a high-pitched high-pressure flow (It would be like if we actually knew what Young Thug was saying…and if he was nice) so closely associated to our youth today. Video creds go to 2RI enhancing the song with the sporadic visuals and effects that solidify the song as one you should definitely be talking about.
Peep the video below. Check the soundcloud and DL the single!

“New York polymerizate w/ Ferguson
In a trance
Arms folded
Bout to hurt your lil’ mans
It’s a cypher
And this is my circum Stance” – I.O.D.

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