Head Nod Therapy: Wiki – Lil Me LP


NEW YORK, NEW YORK! I always have to support New York artist, I’m bias when it comes to the home team. I need more New York artist to peep, so if any of you are reading this just leave your name in the comment section and I’ll definitely peep your music.

I’ll always have a vivid memory of when I first heard Wiki. It was about a month after Joey & Steez dropped “Survival Tactics,” I peeped a little white cat (or so I thought), who went by the name of Wiki. At that time he dropped a song entitled “Wikispeaks” spitting crazy up and down blocks in NYC . In my mind I thought we were on the verge of a some sort of resurgence in lyricality and boom bap based beats, of course I was wrong. Most of you may know Wiki as a member of Ratking, well today he decided to step back into the solo realm with the release of “Lil Me LP.” This project seems like a spur of the moment release nonetheless it features the likes of Nasty Nigel, Skepta, Jadasea, Hak and a few more heads. As well as production from Madlib, Kaytranada, Black Milk, Lee Bannon, Sporting Life, black Noi$e and Harry Fraud.

Peep The Funk Below!