Head Nod Therapy: Wara From the NBHD – Bubblin


“This video is the pivotal to the project as a whole because not only is it my first video of the year, but it shows what thought process went into creating the album,” Wara told Complex. “I wanted the video to feel loud, and show that by not giving a fuck about how it ‘should’ be formatted, you can have a lot more fun & end up giving off something like a live performance feel.”

Now if you’re not familiar with Wara From The NBHD, it’s time to get hip. In a little over a week Wara will release his latest project entitled “If Guns Could Speak PSA” on December 4th.Today his brings us vivid imagery of what a live performance will look like if you went to one of Wara’s with his latest release “Bubblin.” Wara has released a few songs leading up to this project. Back track to If Guns Could Speak EP from earlier this year when you get a chance and peep the funk below!