Head Nod Therapy: The Pheels – RNS


As of late, Atlanta has been known as the home of Trap, turn up or Future to say the least molding the current sound of rap/r&b. In the past, we can’t forget the likes of Outkast, Dungeon Family, India Arie and Janelle Monae who pioneered a lane for artist to be more experimental and eccentric with their approach to music. Which helps me introduce you to a duo consisting of Curtis Fields, who is the lead vocalists and Phil Jones, the man behind the soundwaves known to the net as “The Pheels.” Last week I got the chance to see them perform live, it was an experience, but more so a vibe you’d have to see in person to really appreciate. They released a tune by the name of “RNS” about two months or so ago, which was the first to catch my air. “RNS” is off The Pheels up incoming Ep entitled “LikeWise” due out this summer. In the meantime peep the funk above and vibe!