Head Nod Therapy: Nick Grant – 88


Back in 1995, Outkast’s Andre 3000 boldly made this statement to a booing crowd at the Source Awards in New York City. “The South Got Somethin’ To Say.” 21 years later, an emcee by the name of Nick Grant is here to show and prove 3 stacks right! 

After taking the time out to listen to Nick Grant’s thirteen track project entitled “88,” it’s evident this Atlanta native isn’t going to have you wonder if you should sip dirty sprite on the regular, instead he’s giving you the perspective of a man of this current generation who has substance and longevity in a world living of instant gratification. While listening to “88” “Royalty” and “Gold Chains” paint the perfect picture of how African Americans have the power to live life to the fullest without circuming to what’s placed in front of our eyes. “Second guessing my future/what will I equal out to/real niggas own chain/what do we equal out to,” Grant stated on “Gold Chains.” If that isn’t a clear cut example of the modern day thought pattern of our culture I don’t know what is. Whenever you get a chance peep the funk below. I’m official a fan of Nick Grant, kudos to him!

Stand Out Tracks: Somethin’ To Say, Black Sinatra, The Jungle, Gold Chains and Royalty Remix