Head Nod Therapy: Jefe Replay – Sips Tea


This song is too damn catchy man, especially when one decides to capitalize off a popular phrase used these days by the ladies “sips tea,” meaning “getting good gossip from a girlfriend over the kitchen table “via Urban Dictionary. I say that to say, Boston Native Jefe Replay decided to put his own spin on things. ‘Sips Tea” originally was released back in August, produced by Obeatz and accompanied with visuals from JMP, Jefe dropped this video a few days back. He continues to let us know Boston has a lot to say, as he follows in the footsteps of Michael Christmas, Cousin Stizz and OG Swaggerdick.

“The people in this video mean a lot to me,” says Jefe Replay. “I wanted to show the people who create the environment from which I am able to get inspiration, just having a fun time with the very same people I grew up with, shed tears with and laughed with. We wanted to portray Roxbury in a different light than what the stats make it seem like.” With that being said, peep the funk below!