Head Nod Therapy: Isaiah Rashad – Nelly


When you can’t sleep put TDE on repeat!

About 3 weeks ago while waiting for Jay Rock to release his long awaited second album 90059, Isaiah Rashad took time out to let us know that he turned in new his project! I guess it’s only fair to assume, Zay will be the next member of TDE up to bat this year. The new funk entitled “Nelly” takes us on a trip from Isaiah dealing with his siblings mthods of getting by to the music industries tactics (selling dreams.) The hook states “We can’t be no number one, but we can be the jam, cause what these niggas on, is not my favorite song. I’m not no number one cause they gone do you wrong, and they gon’ play you out.” Describing how artist with something to say can’t be number one (there are rare cases with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar), it also addresses how artist shunned from the top usually have dope music, and of course giving listeners a headups like most artists do about the music industry and its notion to use and abuse folks. I’ll stop talking your head off and let you know this tune was produced by the Antydote, Jowin and Chris Calor. I can’t wait to hear what else Isaiah Rashad has cooked up for this new project, in the meantime peep the funk below.