Head Nod Therapy: Ego Death Album Review


Could it be? Could it be that “The Internet” made the album of the summer. So far fans have received and championed the groovy, soulful ensemble “Ego Death”  as one of 2015’s best albums. It’s been awhile since R&B been hailed, but with the resurgence of the genre through the likes of Miguel, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko and  newcomer SPZRKT it seems as if R&B is heading beyond what it used to be!

Odd Future affiliates ‘The Internet” consisting of Syd tha Kyd and Jet Age of Tomorrow’s Matt Martians first imprint was left in 2011 with their album Purple Naked Ladies, which flew under the radar. Since then Syd’s pen has gotten a lot better, we heard her growth on “Feels Good,” and now everything come full circle on “Ego Death.”

“Ego Death”spawns a fusion between jazz, funk and rock, it’s atmospheric and bedroom like ambience provides that soul we’ve been missing. It even adds in a hip hop undertone. “Neo Soul” isn’t a label “The Internet” would like to fall under.


We’re welcomed into “Ego Death” with “Get Away.” Lite hitting down tempo bass and percussion stomp in the verses, Syd sings about her life currently the few changes she’s going through as well as dealing with a new lady in her life! “Gabby”’ takes on a more rock/psychedelic approach with melodies from Janelle Monáe bellowing through our eardrums. “Go With It” featuring Rocafella’s latest signee Vic Mensa is a modern-day player’s anthems, somewhat of an ode to Outkast & UGK’s player anthem.

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Ego Death takes you on a journey through the stages of love with instrumentation. Syd reminisces on an old lover on “Just Sayin/I Tried”, singing “You fucked up.” Syd’s addresses matters of the heart in a voice that’s both relatable and conversational. Ego Death is available.

Notable Jams: Under Control, Something’s Missing, Just Sayin/I Tried and get Wit It

RATING: 7.5 – 10