Head Nod Therapy: Daniel Caesar – Pilgrim’s Paradise


“Together these new stories are a self-pilgrimage. I’m finding my way through my songs. I’m not sure I know exactly what matters in life yet, but I know what doesn’t,” Caesar said.

“Pilgrim’s Paradise” is the latest body of work from, Toronto singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar. We dive deep into the world of Daniel Caesar’s emotional roller coaster submerged in jazz influences and progressive sounds, we have a chance to see a reflection of a young man trying to figure out what means the most to him in this world. “Pilgrim’s Paradise” is a seven track project, which includes the singles “Paradise” featuring BADBADNOTGOOD and Sean Leon, as well as “Death & Taxes.” This project is worth your time, especially with the absence of Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar is the go to man of the hour. Peep the funk below!