Eleven days into the new year, Dreamville shows no signs of letting up! We received “Revenge of The Dreamers 2” a little over a month ago, plus we’ve gotten an inside look at how Cole handles a world tour with the Road to Homecoming” documentary series. Now Cozz decided has to jump-start his own movement with his newest offering “Nothin Personal.”


Cozz- Nothin Personal

And he’s right. After releasing Cozz N Effect back in 2014, Cozz has been on the road touring, as one of Dreamville’s prolific signees, and with the release of “Nothin Personal” you truly hear the progression between the projects.

“Nothin Personal” starts off like an alarm clock followed by a fresh cup of coffee in the morning with “Wake Up Call.” Hitting us with an onslaught of bars, “I’m tryna reach my goals with the rest of my soccer team; You know we mob deep, yeah you lookin’ at the prodigy.” You can hear the hunger in his tone, Cozz is out to prove a point with this project. “Wake Up Call” is followed by “All Eyez On Me,” in which Cozz speaks on reaping the benefits of being next up “Look at me now, now I got clothes, now I got bitches, got my own home.”  With the third track “My Side”, Cozz let’s us know that although he’s coming up everything about being signed isn’t all sweet. isn’t as sweet as we think it is saying. That track was a great way to address the public’s perceptions of artists. As fans, we think rappers get signed and instantly start getting paid, but getting signed is only half the battle. The other half is making music that relates to the people, which can be difficult when you factor in the fact in the abundance of music available. It can be difficult for someone stand out– but Cozz doesn’t have that problem.

“Grey Goose” is an experimental track in my opinion, Cozz switches up his love for henny for grey goose. The track started off with Kanye’s rant at Pusha’s album release party. Cozz is loose off the goose inviting a young lady to come parlay with him for a while. “City of Gods” is hands down my favorite jam off this project. It features another one of my favorite up incoming artist Boogie.  Loosely based off the concept of the movie “City of Gods“, the two trade bars until Boogie stakes their claim in the rap game acknowledging that next up is the two of them and no one else. “See up next it’s you and me Cozz; that’s all I really see Cozz, Imma let them be Cozz and G Cozz.” Pay attention to these two in the future.

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“Choice Today” has a similar vibe to “Grey Goose,” letting the listener know you had a choice today. You woke up and had the opportunity to do whatever you felt was necessary. Cozz’s second verse starts with dope imagery and wordplay “You had a choice to-day, yeah I had mine/ Get ate by the sharks and survive and dine on the oysters/
Then pull ink from a squid in my pen then paint portraits.” Survival of the fittest- you know the rules. “Grow” follows “Choice Today,” which is another favorites featuring Correy C. It’s the closing track on Revenge of the Dreamers 2. One thing I really appreciate about Cozz is his tone. You hear the aggression and pain in a lot of his tracks, “Grow” self-reflection at it’s finest. “Who Said” calls out all the doubters, haters and believers that ever had something to say about young Cody Mac! “Tabs” is another cut off “Revenge of The Dreamers 2” featuring Bassy Badass. They took time to stunt on all these gold digger joints that just want a quick come up! You could tell they had fun recording this one.

“Tell Me” allows us to hear one of Cody Macc’s many talents, at least from what I heard he has a little singing voice which you see a lot these days with most artist. He has one question for the ladies, is the p***y his? One thing I can say is different in terms of Cozz N Effect vs Nothin Personal, there are more songs for the ladies. “GWBW” – good weed back wood, is self explanatory. Just put one in the air and vibe out!

“Bonnie & Clyde” featuring Freeackrite, is for the girls that only want a hand out instead of being a ride or die. Cozz is looking for a lady that will be down for him through it all, so if you’re not down for the ups and downs that come with stardom, you need not apply. The closing track on the project “Guiness” is another one of my favorites. Addressing the many culture vultures that are exploiting and making a mockery of Hip Hop just know that  we see you and we will find you.

“We want the culture, so we taking over.”

Overall, this project is dope and will def be on repeat for a while.  I can’t wait to see how much Cozz continues to grow in the years to come! Dreamville’s squad is only getting better as time passes.

Stand Out Tracks:Wake Up Call, City Of Gods, Grow, Tell Me, GWBW and Guienss.

Also, major shout outs to Mezz for providing some great production, as well as D2, T Lew and Mike Almighty on this project. If you haven’t heard the funk yet, peep it below!