Head Nod Therapy: Chaz French – What Ya Say


Let me start off by being honest. I’ve been meaning to post Chaz French since earlier this year when I first saw him at a showcase in (LES) Lower East Side. Let me tell you something; I’m not an A&R, but this kid is going to be a star for sure. When I saw him perform “Whatcha Know” at that moment I was sold. Regardless of the fact Chaz is back with new vibes. He recently came off tour with Goldlink and decided to team up with DC songstress Saba (Not Chicago Native Saba) on the background vocals and production from Kal Banx. Below are some words from Chaz French in regards to “What Ya Say.”

“This song is a moment of clarity and resolution from things I talked about in my first project, Happy Belated,” Chaz explained to FADER. “On that project I focused on my struggles, where now moving forward I want to concentrate more on getting the mind in tune with the heart to progress for the kids in my city.”

“I’m trying to hear what my heart is saying a little better, which you may not have known at first listen,” he wrote. “A lot of times people sell out for what other people think they should do rather than listen to their heart, but this soul of mine ain’t for sale. On Happy Belated we walked through my struggles together, and now I want to walk with others through theirs.”

Peep the funk below and check out Chaz’s 2014 project Happy Belated when you get a chance.

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