Head Nod Therapy: Ceito



A couple years ago when 10 day dropped, I was looking high and low to hear more from Chance The Rapper. I ended up finding out about way more than just Chance, through a cypher posted on youtube called :Freestyles In The Park.” I was introduced to the likes of Caleb James, Kembe X, Alex Wiley and Calez, who have all made a name for themselves since then. Calez representing the 2008ighties crew has been the most consistent content wise, releasing projects such as “Too Broke Tape, G-unit Bundle Pack and now Ceito.” From beginning to end you’re drawn into Calez’s world, a young chitown native grinding for his shot to be heard by the world. Calez spit about the future, living in a shelter and tour life. If you’re in search of new dope music just press play and enjoy the vibes!