#DontSleepHeat: vNm Talks The Toronto Music Scene, Working With Paradise, Just Blaze & More


    Over the years in hip-hop, rappers have been the one to get the shine and been heard out the most when it comes to music-making.

    Now that there are more producers-turned-artists coming to the surface, such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, they have proved that the production side of things deserves far more credit.

    When you think about it, producers are the ones who make it possible for rappers, singers, and artists in general to become successful, as they create the unique sound the paves the way for the one vocalizing on the track.

    Up in the big, bad city of Toronto, there is a producer who is ready to shake up the game even more, and his name is vNm.

    Although his home and heart is in Canada, make no mistake about it. vNm is working hard up North, providing some brilliant instrumentals for upcoming artists, and we should be hearing him on our radios in no time.

    I recently got the chance to hear from vNm, who told me all about how he got into the production game, the music scene of Toronto, and working with Paradise, who is soon to drop his new project.

    Read my interview with vNm below, and check out some of his amazing work here!

    How did you first get into producing? What made you choose that over any type of music-making?

    Growing up, I trained classically in piano and later violin. I’ve also always been interested in technology. Naturally, when I figured out I could make music on a computer, it was over. I guess I like the composition factor; putting everything together, rather than say, playing in a band.

    Do you have a particular go-to recipe you use when creating a beat?

    More often than not, a beat will start off with some sort of sample or melody. From there, I build on that. For me, an important part of staying creative, however, is switching up the process.

    You did some work with one of my favorite artists Matty Paradise recently. What’s it been like working with him?

    The opportunity has been wild. You can hear that charisma in his music. That, plus integrity and hard work, make for a good collaboration.

    How do you feel about the Toronto music scene?

    Extremely excited. The music scene here is alive and well, especially hip-hop. Live hip-hop and R&B shows happen almost every week. There is so much talent pouring from this city, it’s crazy. Toronto has caught a lot of major attention lately in hip-hop, but on the low, the sound has been in people’s ears for a minute now. With Toronto in the spotlight, I feel it’s just the beginning. Every young talent in Toronto has some unique edge to them. The huge island influence, mixed with the cold weather and city life, creates really original personalities, and that is translated into the art.

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    Who is one of your biggest inspirations in the music game?

    There are so many, but the most important would be Just Blaze. Back when I first started making beats, he was doing the Just Blaze TV thing, and all on MySpace. His attitude and portrayal of “producer/studio life” single-handedly sucked me into making beats. His music is diverse and consistent. He isn’t limited to a specific style and is always putting out quality. That’s important to me.

    Which artist out right now do you think your material would work best with?

    Any artist that is willing to push boundaries. Anyone who understands my sound and can get on that vibe. It would be hard to pick one. A lot of people would say The Weeknd or Travis Scott right away, and that’s cool. If I had to pick it would be Freddie Gibbs. That guy can double-time on anything. I think UK rappers would sound nice on my beats.

    Where do you think hip-hop will be in 5 years?

    This is the big question. I think the most important part of being a producer is knowing whats next. Hearing next year’s sounds inside their mind, right now. So in that sense I can’t tell you, because that would give too much away. I will say people are going to keep pushing the limits and changing the rules. I personally don’t see anything slowing hip-hop down right now. It’s been a snowball effect, and I think it will continue. Artists have to work harder to not only grab peoples attention, but keep them. To me, this only means there will continue to be better music.

    What’s coming up next for you for the rest of 2014/beginning of 2015?

    Working on this project with Paradise and getting placements. Going to be trying some new things out of the box. People can also follow me on my soundcloud to hear new things.

    You can follow vNm on Twitter: @xxxvnm