#DontSleepHeat: StyleZ Goes From Banging On Tables To Producing Fire Beats


It’s not often these days that we hear a person say that they are into the production side of hip-hop, rather than looking to be in the spotlight.

StyleZ, however, is part of that smaller population, and he’s got a lot of fire that shouldn’t be overlooked by future artists.

The Illinois producer is currently working on his Wood And Marble beat tape, that’s set to drop this upcoming season, but he also has a lot of hush-hush work that could bring him onto the mainstream scene very quickly.

With a sharp mind, and a creative hand, it’s easy to see why StyleZ is on the right path to stand besides some of the big leagues in no time.

I got the chance to hear from StyleZ, who told me all about his start with producing, improving the Illinois hip-hop scene, and what’s coming up the rest of this year.

Check out the interview below, and see his SoundCloud page here.

How did you get into the producing game?

A friend of mine in 2006 was like, “stop beating on tables” and put me on with FL Studio 4.

What made you want to take that route musically?

I thought of it as a good way to incline others to bob their heads to the frequencies.

How do you find your inspiration for a beat? Do you hear it in your head first, or just experiment for a sound, etc?

I will conceive patterns and search for a sound that will allow me to express the pattern as accurately as possible. The inspiration is endless.

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If you had a target audience for the artist you would choose for your beats, who would that consist of?

Anyone with functioning ears is whom I target.

Who are some of your favorite producers of today? All-time?

There are many, Lex Luger (TMOG), TM88 and Sizzle (808 Mafia), Skrillex, Justice League.. Of all time, Pharrell, Timbaland, Just Blaze, Johann Sebastian Bach. There are many.

What’s an album you could put on repeat?

The Black Album by “Metallica” is pretty epic.

How do you feel about your city’s hip-hop scene? How could it be improved?

My cities hip-hop scene, I love my city, Peoria, IL, because it’s very underground. It could be improved with the implementation of networking beyond our city limits, which there is major lacking.

What’s the recipe behind you working solo/other artists in studio sessions?

Good vibes and good communication. Everything following will be golden.

What’s coming up for you in the rest of 2014?

I have an all free download beat tape dropping this winter called “Wood And Marble” with some appearances by a few of todays dopest producers. Hosted by QC/SODMG DJ Mix Master G. Some songs in the works with artists I can’t really mention as of yet. But work, indeed.