#DontSleepHeat: Ritch Is Ready To Help Put Vegas On The Rap Map

    If you’ve been to Las Vegas, then there’s a good chance that you stayed out on the famous strip, and found yourself turning up at all of the lavish casinos and clubs.
    Well, believe it or not, the strip isn’t the only thing that’s poppin’ about Sin City, as there is a hip-hop scene out in the side streets of the major Nevada city.
    Slowly, but surely, the rap game is coming up as more and more artists are emerging with talent, and using their lyrical to rep for Vegas, and Ritch happens to be one of them.
    The city native is a beast when it comes to the freestyle, and he’s ready to take on all of the competition he has to in order to prove that he can really spit. Soon, Vegas could become a major mark on the rap map with the help of his #CRWN installment.
    I got a chance to hear from Ritch, where he shared a bit of his story with me, and even took me inside of his mind to see how he plans to take over the game from a more off-the-chart city.
    Check out the interview below, and see his latest freestyle visual here!
    How did you get your start in music? What was your big ‘a-ha’ moment that made you want to make it into a career?
    I’ve always been an avid fan of music. I would have to say my kickstart was around 2010, when I graduated. At the time I wasn’t fond of the type of music that was out and felt I could contribute better than what I had been hearing, I really just wanted to make music that I would enjoy listening to. My big “a-ha” moment was around 2011, when I performed at a local venue; I remember after every line I spit, literally everyone in the crowd was going crazy. Most of them were strangers so that gave it more validity. That very moment made me realize I want to make this a career.
    You recently did some visual freestyles that show off your bar skills. What’s your inspiration behind your lyrical ability?
    As far as inspiration, I feel like rapping is a way to showcase your supreme intelligence, and it’s all bravado. I believe I can go bar-for-bar with the best of them. When I hear clever lines from my favorite rappers, I always think to myself, “I know I can come with crazy shit like this.”
    Who has kind of helped shaped your style as an artist?
    I would say old southern rap, mixed with like Wale, or more thought-provoking rappers. My father is from Memphis, so Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and older Nas was what I was raised on. Like I said, I make music I want to hear, so it’s influenced by my favorites with my own touch.
    What’s one word you would use to describe your style as an artist?
    How do you feel about the state of rap today? How do you feel about the hip-hop scene in Las Vegas?
    Rap today is pretty good. It’s not the best it has been, but nowhere near its worst state. I feel like we’ve gotten past that, thankfully. I believe some artists are bringing substance, as well as dope concepts and bars. As far as the Vegas’ rap scene, honestly, I’m not a fan of Vegas rappers, although I respect everyone and what they do. I don’t really enjoy it like I used to in high school. The rappers that rapped back then like SU, Sedrew, and PeeWee were cold; now it seems as if the city is lacking in a sense. Needless to say, the rap scene out here isn’t the same.
    Where do you think you fit in best in the rap game as far as your style, personality, etc.?
    I fit in wherever I feel like being. I don’t want to be put in a box or be limited. However, I do feel like my make music is geared to the fly cats and fly chicks.
    What is your dream collaboration?
    My dream collab would be Nas, Me, The Game, Drake, and Pusha T, with Kanye on the production.
    Favorite go-to album of all time? Favorite music era?
    My Favorite “go-to” album? I would say is Nas’ Illmatic. To me, that is the best complete album of all-time. The 90’s happen to be one of my favorite era for music.
    What’s up next for you for the rest of 2014 for you?
    As far as 2014, I’m shooting the rest of the videos for #CRWN, and working on my debut EP. More visuals, more music, mo’ money, mo’ problems.
    Follow Ritch on Twitter: @crownritch