#DontSleepHeat: D. Smith Proves He’s Up Next For Connecticut’s Rap Scene


Finding fame in the rap game is not one of the more common ways that people get their voice heard in Connecticut, but the state is certainly slept on.

With Chris Webby being the main name in hip-hop coming out of the East Coast state, there’s still some other go getters out there that people shouldn’t overlook.

D. Smith comes from the realms of Fairfield County, where he was born and raised, and he spits straight fire from the quiet Connecticut streets.

With an increasingly expansive subject matter that tells stories and changes perspectives, he has a lot to bring to the rap game’s table.

Despite being a CT native, D. Smith has found Queens’ very own legend Nas to be one of his biggest influences, and it can easily be heard in his rhymes.

I got a chance to hear from D., who told me all about his hardcore track “Angels & Demons,” as well as his influence from Nas and others.

Check out the interview below, and peep his music on Datpiff here!

How did you get your start in music?
My uncles were the first ones to expose me to all types of music, old school and new, at an early age. My Uncle Dean had turntables and I used to play them all day hoping to become a DJ. Then I started writing at 10, and soon realized I wanted to make the music.

Your song “Angels & Demons” is a pretty deep track. What inspired that?
That song’s one of my personal favorites. What inspired me to write that song was my desire to expand my subject matter and overall creativity approach when making my songs. I wanted to think more out of the box and put myself in other people’s circumstances and ways of thinking so everyone can relate to what I’m saying. The plot was based on how every day, good people (angels) can succumb to the pressures of life and flip to the other side (demons).

When did you realize you wanted to pursue music? What was your “a-ha” moment that told you that you HAD to try it, or make it into a career?
I was 10 years old when I began writing and really digging in the crates for old school. I fell in love with 80’s and 90’s rap, and I became a student of music, and started studying artists. I can remember when my Uncle gave me The Game’s “Documentary” album in ’05, and me listening to it all day every day while reading on how he made it out of Compton. It showed me that I can make it if I truly wanted it.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
My #1 favorite artist is Nas. He’s the G.O.A.T. in my opinion. Jay-Z is a close second and others like Kanye, Wu-Tang Clan, and Big Daddy Kane.

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What’s one word you would use to describe your style as an artist?
Aggressive, due to my voice, presence, delivery, and overall approach on a record.

What’s your own recipe for success to make a dope track, or project?
My recipe is simply meaning everything I say. I’m a very confident person with a strong belief in what I can do, so I try to exude that presence and mentality on every track no matter what subject.

If you could put any album on repeat, which album would it be?
Nas’ It Was Written. I know the cliché Nas fan would say Illmatic no matter what, but both can bump on repeat.

How do you feel about the rap game today in your city? Who do you think deserves more shine in the game?
The rap game in my city and state is actually pretty hungry right now, even though Chris Webby is the only true notable one, but not for long. He actually comes from my town, so seeing his success coming from the same place showed me how I want to continue building my production team Swagg Central Academy (SCA) into the hottest commodity out of Connecticut and abroad.

If you could hand off your tape to any label or clique, which one would you choose as far as where you think you fit best?
Damn, I’d have to say Roc Nation because I honestly always saw my persona and style a good fit with the whole Roc-A-Fella aura, although that’s a lot to live up to. A close second would be G.O.O.D Music, because Kanye is crazy as hell, but the dude’s always been a genius. I’d be honored to be under Hov or Ye’s wing.

What is your dream collaboration?
That’s hard as hell to choose be cause we’re already on the subject of Jay-Z, but it would definitely be either him or Nas. They’re the greatest in the game hands down. Others would be J.Cole, Wale, Jadakiss, and Fab.

What’s up next for you for the rest of 2014?
For the rest 2014, SCA’s going to be headlining some shows in CT. I got a new EP coming out titled “King David” for free download on Datpiff.com with my other mixtapes. I’m also modeling for Eblens Footwear, and building the SwaggCentralTV page on Youtube.

I’d like to thank TheTakeOvah.com for this opportunity and hope everyone takes the time to listen to my music and feel what I have to say, because it’s dope.

Follow D. Smith on Twitter: @Smittyd_SCA